Astro predictions for stocks commodities in 2011

According to Lt Col Ajay CEO, Year 2011
is represented by Moon. As per astro economics, there should be
highest volatility in Currencies and bullion market at International
spot and futures market.

World stock markets may also see new high levels. Indian stock market
also looking positive while European stock markets may not perform
well in comparison to US and Asian markets.

BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India and China plus Korea will keep
performing better than other markets. Major completion is expected
among these countries .Middle East Countries may also be benefited
till May 2011. Thereafter some Geo political tensions may develop.
Bullion and base metals will outperform but agro commodities will be
able to give best annual return compare to base and precious metals.
Indian rupee and Chinese currency will be lime light. Euro will lose
shine against US dollar [1]. Please recall my advance predictions
provided for 2010 , Sensex and Gold above 20000, Silver above 40000,
Positive for Titan Ind, SBI, Sterlite Ind , Cairn India, Bhel, Etc
Interest rates, Inflation , Indian rupee, US dollar, Copper above 410,
Guar seeds etc . Hope you must have enjoyed big profit in stock,
commodity and Currency trading.

*Geo-political tensions*
First quarter of New year 2011 may develop geo political tensions in
Middle East, and Asia since Saturn, Mars ,Sun and Mercury are making
special astrological yoga which may bring tension at Global levels.
Year 2011 will be very important for India and Asia since as per star,
India will play major role in world politics with help of USA and
Japan. Around 26th Jan 2011, Saturn will turn retrograded in Virgo.
This will create lots of confusion and misunderstanding among world
leaders. Therefore last week of Jan 2011 to March 2011 will be most
difficult for world peace especially in Bratin, USA, Middle East,
India and Pakistan.

*Stock markets*
As per astro economics, Sensex of Indian stock market may see upward
movements and expected to be above 23800 to 24200 ranges by end of
year 2011. By March –April 2011 Sensex is expected between 21800 to
22100 levels. Most positive sectors are banking, infrastructure,
cement, Education, Health and pharma. Heavy engineering, metal,
automobile, tyre, sectors may outperform. Media and entertainment will
also attract great interest in Indian equity markets. As per stars,
Indian may see more foreign TV channels. Midterm Investors may keep
eyes on ABB, Power grid corporation, BHEL, Larsen , State bank of
India, PNB, Tata motors, JSPL, Tata steel, Sterlite Ind , Infosys etc
Silver is supposed to be the best investment in 2011. As per stars,
silver may show upward movements in spot and electronic trading at
International and domestic bullion markets..2-3 Year target for silver
should be Rs 80000 per kg while 2011 may see silver between 48000 to
50000 levels by end of year 2011.
*GDP growth of India is expected to between 9% to 9.5 during year

*Indian economy*
A very special revolutions is expected during 2011 to 2012- in the
field of energy sectors. Astro-Economics says that India is going to
bring great revolutions in the field of Power, infrastructure,
educations, Technical educations, health, Sports etc. Indian economy
will perform better in Technical educations, power, infrastructure,
telecommunication etc.

Most benefited state of India- Rajasthan, west Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat
and Tamil Nadu, are in top of list for best benefited state of India
during year 2011

During year 20011-12, there are great chances that Indian and Chinese
currencies may turn at world currencies against US dollar. At present,
majority of payment are done through US dollar. It is expected that
Asian Tiger and Chinese Dragon may do well in Forex markets also.
Next Miss World and Oscar award Winner would be from India, most
benefited Film star would be Hrithwik Roshan. Few Indian writer may
come in lime light during 2011. This year may be lucky for winning
Oscar award again for an Indian.

*Political seen*
As per stars, There should not be any problem for Congress (i)..Dr Man
Mohan singh will continue as prime minister
The above advance predictions are made based on study of stars, and
numerology by
Col Ajay (Astromoneyguru)

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